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Margomulyo Mangrove Forest

Margomulyo Mangrove forest is one forest conservation area which is used as a tourist destination. Its main function is as coastal protection from the effects of ocean waves. Forest filled with mangrove plants is located in Margomulyo Village, West Balikpapan District, Balikpapan City of East Kalimantan Province. The distance is about 9 km from Balikpapan city center or can be taken during 20 minutes trip by motor vehicle. The Mangrove is known also as the city forest. It has an approximate of 800meters length of wooden bridge and a tower watch which allowed visitors to walk accross the mangrove.

The city forest is also home to one of World endanger species “the Narsalis larvatus (Proboscis Monkey)” or known locally as the long nose monkey/the Dutch Monkey”. The monkey usually can be seen at close to sunset time.

The government stated to release this 6,8 ha area from resident ownership, and make it a conservation area. Most trees grow by themselves, but also many of them planted by conservatory program. This forest protected because this is place where animals and plant live.

This place is also a nice spot for photography lover. Shady thick woods, long ironwood bridge for tracking, and some gazebo. And if you are lucky enough, you can meet tempakul, a fish that can walk on the ground, some birds, even small monkeys searching for food.

Bangkirai Hill Nature Tourism

Bukit Bangkirai is a natural tourism area which is managed by PT. Inhutani I Unit I Balikpapan. This tourist area is located in Samboja District, Kutai regency, East Kalimantan. Bangkirai hill can be reached by traveling overland for 1.5 hours from the city of Balikpapan.

This tour offers the charm of a tropical rain forest that is still natural, and facilitated with some infrastructures like restaurants, hall for meetings, a swimming pool and jungle cottage or cabin. In this area there is a canopy bridge along 64 m that hanging in 5 Bangkirai’s trees at a height of 30 m. The bridge is the first editorial in Indonesia, second in Asia and the eighth in the world. Its construction was made in the United States.


Village above Water, Margasari

This water village is right behind Pertamina’s V Processing Unit. It is called a village over water because this village is indeed standing on sea water. Because it is on the water, it is practically the whole house that stands on an ironwood bridge that extends for approximately 6.7 hectares. But even though it is on the water, the village remains green and there is a soothing Green Open Space.

DUBS Mountain

The beautiful scenery of refinery plant with the flickering lights has always been the favorite wallpaper in most offices in Balikpapan. It is the scene most billboards and banners put to show the beauty of Balikpapan, making it the most famous icon in Balikpapan. Its beauty can be captured in Gunung Dubs.


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